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Outdoor Fun - Scharnitz in Tyrol

ACTION AT 5000m²

Opening Hours

The paintball area only opens with prior booking!
Please contact us via


or call us

+43 699 10 10 90 09


Minimum participants:

6 People
per head € 45,-
Price for additional

500 shots

amounts € 20,-
Box of 2000 balls: € 60,-

Playing Time

The playing time

averages circa.

ca. 1,5 bis 2 hours

Minimum age to

play withou


is 18 years

The right place to play paintball!

Paintball is played with paintball markers. The markers are used to fire the “paintballs”,

which are filled with fully biodegradable food dye. They are driven by compressed

air and leave a splash of colour on the target.

The aim is to mark members of the opposing team.

The most popular game variety is called


wo teams play against each other. A flag has to be captured from the centre and brought to the team’s base. The opposing team will try to mark the “flag thief”.
The marked thief is eliminated from the game.

This is only an example – nearly every idea works.

Clubs or small groups –

everyone is welcome!
If you’re interested in a game, you can try being a “paintballer” – plenty of fun and action guarantee

Paintball Tirol
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